Friday, July 24, 2009


it was a overcast evening n i was walkin back home from work in a darkly lit alley.
i saw a shady person tryin to search somethin on the road, by the roadside light. i took a better look and realised this guy is known to me.
outta sheer curiosity, "hey, whatchya doing?"
him-"i 'm tryin to find something"
me- " what are you looking for?"
him- " i slipped and fell.. n lost my keys"
tryin to help, i started lookin too.
n then i asked, " where did you slip??"
he pointed to a place farther off, in the pitch dark part of the road.
so i said," then why are you lookin for it here?"
said he.." its easier to look for it down here."
people start looking for solution where they fell, instead of lookin where they slipped.
its looking for the solution in the wrong places.

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