Monday, July 20, 2009

new york

for anyone who cares for a free opinion- watch new york.
the first time i saw it in a good cinema hall, i loved the plot, the screenplay, the cast, acting and music.
and then i did a rare stunt, i saw the same movie for a second time, again in a theatre, in the same week.
i had done the same thing with sarfarosh.. the aamir movie. believe me, the only reason i sat through the whole movie second time was my date;)
but new york was an amazing experience when i saw it the second time. i appreciated the international look of the movie better. its made to cater to a global audience. the movie is incredibly well paced, so much so that i didnt have a momment of boredom throughout.
because i was no longer wonderin "what happens next?".. i relished finer points.. like irfans awesome dialogue delivery and voice modulation that makes casting him in a powerful role so effective. when you see it the first time, you almost ignore him. your too occupied with th lead actors and the story. he comes in, does his job well, n steps out. as you'd want a side-actor in important role to be. when you see it the second time.. you realise the skill and perfection he has put in to get his role done. kudos irfan.
another nice part about the movie is the story and direction, how small little pieces get threaded together into the plot that keep the movie going. eg. katrinas driver speeding, killin the white cop, commiting suicide- helps you see the protagonists point of view against the system. but incidentally irfan khan turnin at the crime scene and katrina noticing his presence and then seein neil mukesh with him.. leads to the story progress further, albiet at slightly slow pace.
i'm still not comfortable with th ending, but i cant point out why. i love tragedies per se. but the ending somehow didnt fit in. the director does his job by justifying the end.. the son of a terrorist living a normal life with no strings attached. but its paradoxical, considering what was done to his father..who was forced to deviate from his goals n ways of life.
with all said n done, my bottomline is even more tragic.when i finally finished watching th movie the second time.. a thought came to my mind and its been puzzling me ever since..
this movie is almost too good to be an orignal bollywood movie. i wonder which english flick they copied it from? no kidding.


  1. Well! guess you really liked the movie.
    Firstly, I think a lot depends on the mind-set you go with to watch a movie. What I mean is: I had gone thinking it to be a love story and to have a good entertaining time. But was disappointed! Didn't really like the movie untill in the end the purpose of Why was the movie made was said in the prints.
    Secondly, wouldn't be suprised if it were an original movie (not copied from Hollywood). Bollywood isn't all that bad. The problem is living in India we expect movies of the western types, but the producer who makes one has to see the whole of India as an audience for his movie. Know Bollywood does come up with craps, but it definitely can come up with some real good stuff too.

  2. well i guess i went with an open mind;) i dont really read newspapers n watch TV much.. lack of access and leisure at primetime explains that. but then i think your take on this is well justified. what i write greatly alters with my state of mind.