Sunday, July 19, 2009

the devils advocate

what is th best combination of the following qualities..
1. physical prowess.
2. supreme intelligence
3. killer instinct.
4. strong commitment to self and a disregard for authority.
5. love for leading life on the edge.
6. risking all you have on the line for the thrill and the profit, and keeping winning at it.
sort of the best stuff human race has to offer..?
a single broad category that fits is criminals.. con artists, pirates, mercenaries, robbers, mobsters, murderers.
n now, for sake of experiment,
isolate these guys, breed these guys amongst themselves for some generations. distill the antisocial element away through civilisation. what do you get?

aggressive, strong, team players, perfectionists.
australia was for long a penal colony where criminals were sent into.. sort of saza-e-kala-pani. even papillon and shantaram were so.
andnow, think of any th aussie team definitely has a niche. th defence rests

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