Wednesday, July 21, 2010


commerce is a lot like biology. and biology is a lot like commerce.
savings and ready capital you can move is muscle. it gives power, provides propulsion, makes you look handsome:)
liquid assets- gold, property, bonds.. these are your skeleton. if you want to grow tall, or large, you need skeletal growth. skeletal growth is slow and lasting. its rock hard. it builds stature.
the money you earn everyday is food. its nutrition.
IF you just save all you eat, you grow obese. you dont look good, rather become prone to a lot of problems.
when you eat, if you eat well, eat regularly and you invest your nutrients properly with exercise, you build muscle.
when you eat good food regularly during the periods of growth, and you exercise too, you stimulate skeletal growth. short term exercise during growth adds muscle. a strong commitment to exercise over a long period of time leads to skeletal growth.
obviously, you can strengthen your skeleton if you eat well in adulthood. but if you wanna be a giant, you need fuel - a healthy consumption of a lot of nutrients ($$)
and a tremendous effort put into exercise (investment opportunities) - at the right time - at the growth spurt.
you can ensure adequate exercise in a fairly predictable mode by following a sport.. such as football or basketball. in commerce, sport means profession.. engineer, accountant, lawyer, enterpreneur..
a large skeleton without muscle is odd n bony. its the tall silver haired bony uncle who has a strong opinion on everything but the know-how on nothing. no one wants him on the team. apart from his hieght he has nothing to contribute.
a short shady muscular fellow instantly evokes the mental image of a goon or a mafia don. tremendous muscle on a tiny frame. he can work hard, but he prefers power-play and lacks vision.
and furthermore- during periods of starvation and stress, the first tissue to undergo atrophy is the muscle. it shrinks rapidly right at the outset. your skeleton, once in place, begins to fade only after a long tryst with time.. or after a supramajor injury, that causes it to collapse n FRACTURE.


  1. aaarghhhh......kya hain yeh!!

    Good analogy though!

  2. arre i have a peculiar tendancy to analogise.. n to build more n more over th analogy.
    for instance, i also felt that after a major fracture.. external intervention is necessary, or the organisation is crippled for life:)