Sunday, July 25, 2010

all iz unwell!!!

there are times in life, when everything is soo tied down n hectic, you just wish you fell sick. and that, for a change, everything revolved around you. bed rest... days on end lazin in cozy bed n blanket shell.. garam garam khichdee and ghee n aam ka achar.. a novel and an i-pod.. not too long ago, i longed for fallin sick, A LOT.
and you know what they say about wishin right.. be careful of what you wish for, it might just come true. mine did. a double jeopardy. URTI bhi.. GASTRO bhi!
three days of IV fluids, and antibiotic injections,antipyretics, nsaids, antacids,anti emetics, pro-biotics.. and countless steam inhalations n tiolet trips later i realise.. being sick is definitely the last thing i'll ever wish for..
garam garam khichdee becomes a boring annoying consumable after the fourth time you eat it..
your back hurts from bein in bed for too long, n you lonng for a walk or a jog.. but you feel so weak, you wont even last till the door..
your eyes ache n water within 50 pages of the novel. and when you sleep, whatever you had read keeps runnin on your delirious mind.. so much that you avoid lookin at the very cover of the novel..
you take one look at the playlists on your i-pod and wonder.. "what the hell was i thinkin?"
long conversations wit friends become annoying, boring or irritating.. so much that you just switch your cell off.
you try n handle this in dignity, till friends call up again, this time on your dads cell since they cudnt reach yours.. and ask.. "are we still 'on' for the plan on the weekend."
and you discover that theres a flat 50% "happiness sale" on your favourite brands..
and that you might have fallen sick for the first time in the last ten years, but its also during the first vacation you've had in the last five.

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