Sunday, July 18, 2010


socha maine aise hi
baithe baithe
ke blogs likhnewalo ki value
hoti nahi kuch khaas

jo karte hai painting
ya likhte hai gaane
unke words ko log
padhte hai baar baar

bas tab se soch liya
ke ab se jab bakwas karenge hum
toh paragraph ki jaga hoga stanza
aur blog ki jagah hogi POEM!


i was forced to watch a marathi movie
while travellin from miraj in a bus
although sometimes i can watch anything
that night i kept wishing " bandh karo yar. ab bass"

but the hosts wont relent and kept the movie running
and thats how i realised the difference
that lies in hindi and marathi movie making
or why RGV might idolise spielberg, when spielberg heard his name just once.

i used copying tricks i learnt in school
didnt really take genius to figure
that copying from movies is cool
just called yourself "inspired", it works for sure.

koi bhi paper uthao,
you'll get an easy clue
cuz k jo is plannin on remake of stepmom
n you get to see ajay devgn.. in speed part two!

itz not jus acting, direction or technology
cuz starwars ho ya shaktiman..
tubelight leke fighting karna
doesnt suit any pehelwan.

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