Monday, June 21, 2010

wc fever

damn i see brazil play this cup n i miss carlos. more importantly, th intuitive telepathy that was th hallmark of brazils game last time is evidently lacking. this time th gameplay is rougher, n th mindblowing set-ups and executions are somewhat missing. however, that same quality is now a feature of spains game.
i also wonder about th whole jabulani controversy. considering all the shots being misfired, its likely that this soccer ball has remarkably different dynamics, specifically a different flight, swing and kick-contact behaviour. i only hope players get used to this ball fast, n the game becomes more football n less physics.
some people say this world cup is less about stars n more about teams. i believe football is just as much about midfield play as it is about acrobatics and tricks of the strikers. so its just as much of the coach's homework and set-ups as about the unpredictable live game we see on tv.
lastly i regret the time i spend on watchin football. with exams barely 6 days away, i hope i can cut down on it for a week.

but then, damnit, wimbledon ka pehla round bhi chalu ho gaya, n th first match of first seeded federer vs the largely unknown n unseeded falla was classical federer. federer lost th first two sets.. 3rd set was at 4 games all when his element begins to kick in. 3rd set goes to federer after much friction with falla, fourth set goes to federer in a tie break, and the federer, as usual, steps on the gas, n demolishes the lesser known falla a merciless 6-0.. rawrrr!maza aa gaya!

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