Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the silly math of life

well plannin for exams n cuttin down on the hours i sleep made me realise the weird math of life.
we spend almost one third of our lives in immature childhood or demented dependant senility.
of the remaining two third, we spend almost half sleeping. the richest man in europe n the most ignorant aborgine in middle of the desert are at par with one other in comforts for this beautiful half of life
so for barely two sixth of our lifes, thats like just 30% of the net time does it really matter whether you are rich, whether you are successful, whether you are handsome/beautiful, whether you are famous/unknown, whether you are moral/criminal, wheter you are loved or lonely, wheter you conquer or relinquish, whether you cheat or be cheated..
the silly math of life. everything we do, everything we percieve, everything we feel. and everything we can ever be. it all boils down to thirty percent.

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  1. True. Well ! The thing is - this '30%' of the life has a direct effect on your other '30%' - the sleep bit i mean. So though its true that 30% of your life is what u living for - but guess thats what matters - atleast to some !!