Tuesday, June 22, 2010

grrrrrr @ blogspot

911- blog missing!
i remember a few blogs that i had posted round here. but i am not able to find em.
for instance there was a blog about socrates on love and marriage. poof!
since i love th story a bit, 'm gonna go at it again.
i heard this story on a lazy tired evening, by a campfire after a day long hike.

one fine morning, Socrates picked up a weird topic to speak on. he grumbled about how the forest they live by has excellent timber, all lying ignored in the depths of the forest. n then he sent all of his pupils on a exploration spree. he asked em to find the best tree in the forest.
his pupils ventured far and long. meticulously analyzing trees they could find. n every time they found a good tree, they critically evaluated its wood, n sunk into doubt. whether this tree really was the best? was it really the tree they were lookin for. n they moved on, till dawn became dusk. needless to say, each and everyone of th pupils returned embarrassed and empty handed.. with nothing to show for.

the next morning, Socrates told the guys.." theres no wood left to make fire, quick.. get me firewood to make our morning tea." within no time, a huge pile of timber lay in front of Socrates eyes.

n then Socrates said softly.. friends, this is the difference between love and marriage. when you long for love, you await whats perfect. and perfection is a myth.
but when you are looking for marriage, you tend to get more realistic, compromising, and ultimately accept what suits your needs.