Sunday, January 31, 2010

ran!! rgv in his element:)

theres few things about ran that i acn safely say without bein a plot spoiler..
first is welcome back RGV. typical political movie with intense scree play, unconventional camera angles and convincin characters.. so much that you wonder who deserves the credit, the director or the casting team! but knowing that this director can make even morons can act.. methinks its the director. too many times you wonder if this is ambani and this is modi etc. but its rgv style anyhow, that his films are so close to whats happenin in real life.. and his characters always resemble someone.
movie is loosley based on modern day journalism n politics, the story movies at an even pace.. neither too fast nor too slow. but what i really got here to say is
1. the irony of casting is purab, the guy who plays the role of the crusader in reality is the son of th ex CM! hehe verma, hope people get the joke. i mean ritesh deshmukh sure has done full justice to the role, but the irony of casting him cant escape you.
2. i wish the last scene was a voice on the phone..
elder brother of saldhaniya, the industrialist speakin " congrats mate, your finally what you wanted to be. i have transferred the money in your swiss bank account. enjoy". n ritesh deshmukh, on the other side, smiles n keeps the phone down.

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