Saturday, December 26, 2009


another gem of a feel good movie by rajkumar hirani, 3 idiots is loosely based on 5.someone.
starring amir khan in the lead role of a 20 year old guy, the movie revovles around what bright guys do once they get in a professional college. theme is fairly simple, but plot as well as script are finely crafted, makin it a true entertainer with lots of laughs and emotional showdowns. i had read indian express review which said amir looks a tad senile for a collegeite.. and the movie is only a cut above average.
but i found amir lookin youthful, not a day above 20. he has absolutely gotten under the skin of his role.. a 20 year old lively guy whose whacky, yet focussed deep within.. who is comic yet sensitive.. who know where he wants to go in life but yet has his feet firmly planted on the ground. just like taare zameen par, amir khans unique ability to understand the character of his role makes this silver screen adventure seem very real and believable.
the director and writer have done a great job. movie is well paced, filled with infinite momments and wisecracks.. casting is impeccable. each character in the movie carries his role well, and there are no loose ends in the plot. while the writer does borrow bits of inspiration from 5 point someone throughout the plot, he has added lots of twists and jokes makin it a different story altogether. sharman joshi, madhavan, kareena and boman irani are perfect for their roles.. needless to say.. i believe THREE IDIOTS is a must see!

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