Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Flyer's Bay Max Nano 3.5 Channel Nano Helicopter (V-MAX HX721)

A surgeon friend once said to me that best way to develop "brain skills" for arthroscopy was to play with a three channel or a four channel helicopter.

so i bought the The Flyer's Bay Max Nano 3.5 Channel Nano Helicopter online from their unboxed store. i bought the cheapest version, thinking "lets see if this thing is my cup of tea"

after recieving the toy , i googled but couldnt find proper details about how to get this up and running.

I did find some instructions but i didnt find these to be of much help.
so here's my hands on experience, intended to help others like me.

when you get your copter you will get a box containing a copter, a charger and a remote.

1. get yourself four AAA batteries. these go into the remote.

2. locate the charging point on your helicopter.

3. fix the charger cable to the charging pin properly.

4. Let your helicopter charge for about 45 minutes on power supply.

5. locate the TINY ON-OFF button on the helicopter. turn this button ON. after you turn it on, a LED light on the helicopter will turn on.

6. Press the power button on your remote on. Red light starts to blink.

7. Once the light stops blinking, You can gently get the copter blades to rotate by slowly toggling the left side key (the throttle) towards the front. gently make it fly to about 1 meter height from the ground

As you push that key forwards, the copter blades may start to rotate and the copter begins to fly round and round (rotates about itself in the air)
so work this throttle gently, just like accelerator of a bike or a car. if you push it to far forwards your copter will hit the cieling.

8. Press the small square button on the left hand side repeatedly till the copter stops rotating about itself. this button is called trimmer and what we do now is called trimming.

9. now the right hand side toggle key can be used to move the copter to the sides and to the front and back.

Other useful tips i found online were:

fly it indoor.

switch the ceiling fan off.

at any point if you feel you are losing control, stop flying and let the copter fall. they say that its better if copter falls without motor running.

its better to learn it with any kind of carpet or bed on the floor so that the fall of the copter gets cushioned.

even though the manual given with the product is rather tiny and too damn precise, go through the manual carefully.

the box quality and the remote plastic, and the toy as a whole looks kinda tiny, flimsy and fragile. this isnt the case, the helicopter works beautifully and the fun of flying this is incredible.

this is infrared controlled so it works same way as the remote. the manuals i found online recommend to use it indoors, which is great cuz i can play with it sitting on the couch!

so my review for this tiny toy is two words:
freaking awesome.

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  1. Hi ,

    steps are perfect but I dont see light in helicopter
    dont know why , where can I get extra remote because helicopter when connected to power source flies .

    please suggest

    many thanks

    nishant pant delhi

    my email id is nishuji2727@gmail.com