Monday, September 3, 2012

An Orange Day

had seen some like her, BUT she was my last,
i didnt know that when we met.
i went through with her with no forecast,
i indulged in her like the rest.

probably for her i was just another guy
and she treated me just the same,
strong and focussed was what i thought
fragile and naive, was what she felt.

and when it happened,
i felt no pain;
but, for things undone,and loved ones hurt;
a lingering emotion, a bitter shame.

my sights and visions have begun to fade
to a welcoming numbness, a timeless void i head
shes not a murderer, shes not a friend
her seduction, my orgasm, the noun called dead.

i'm not a victim, nor a martyr,
and shes not what seems it may,
i called her a girl, and her actions vile;
but shes just a day called today.

the inspiration is a blog called An Orange Day


  1. Good one sirjee!! beautifully carved...and emotionsss!!

  2. :D glad to be read, n even more so when appreciated! ;) ty red!!

  3. Ok so you havent updated your blog just like me...:(

    1. yeah i'm now on mobile 3g internet.. from home. gone are the days of lazy hoztel life n unlimited free internet;) hows things at your end?

  4. Loved the poem :-) It is an interesting interpretation of my story... Well written :-)

    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by.. n appreciation is cherry on top! Takes a big heart to praise my robbery of ur idea ;-)