Monday, January 2, 2012

carpe diem, baby!

time to start another new year,
another attempt to introspect on whats wrong,
another battle on self improvement.
another way passing time and not feelin so bad about it.
make new years resolutions!
lookin around at people introspecting and setting up self improvement goals.. i cant resist setting up a few for me.. invariably adding a few to everyones list :)
but the real problem with new years resolutions are that,
you never make them in a sound mind..
and the first of january usually is spent half asleep, other half gettin antacids,analgesics and sometimes anti-diarrheals, cleanin up the nights mess, replying messages and emails.. n stuff like that.
which is why i am, wisely indeed, penning them down AFTER my system can be expected to keep up to them.
1. reduce global warming.. google servers are allegedly melting the polar ice cap.. and i am over utilising the rent i pay for internet. so basically, less bookin faces, logging b's, n stuff like that.
2. aerobisation of lifestyle. those who really know me, know what i really mean... huffhuffpuffpuff
3. gujju-i-sation of need to explain that to anyone who knows a gujju. and frankly, anyone anywhere in the world probably knows atleast ONE of those stingy sticky noisy animals:)
4. more cerebral, less spinal .
i can confidently say that i have used my lappie of two years for the sole purpose of seeking pleasure and entertainment.. not that i am particularly proud of this, but
frankly its about time i use things the reason i got them for.
digicam for clickin pictures of patients, not birds, friends or random places. internet for reading articles.. not playin online games or watchin youtube or downloading sitcoms
external hard drive for storing orthopedic stuff.. not for collecting and flaunting movie/ music/ sitcom collection.
laptop for thesis, research papers, cuz the way i 'surf'.. my laptop should have been surfboard shaped, n i should've been featured in that old spice ad.
5. yes to to procrastination.
yes to reality. bye bye virtuality.
yes to protein. no to calorie - liquid or solid.
yes to hanging out in the library. no to hanging out in the hostel.
more jogging. less blogging. ok i know i dont blog much but it rhymed :P

n now i realise that
if new years resolutions are one way to justify timepass or your own sense of responsibility..
blogging about it is almost a parallel to regrettably declaring what a naughty boy you have been the last years or so..
its dumb enough to confess your sins in a church. n to confess it here.. the word dumb is too small. but then,
and this is the real kicker..
the things you've enjoyed the most.. are often the result of being dumb enough to try them in the first place:D

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