Wednesday, March 9, 2011

womans day.. BULLSHIT!

sometime last week the world observed a womans day. a day for silently introspecting how you treat the women around you. a day to promote feminism, to encourage women to fight for their rights. or so it seems, from a plethora of well worded facebook updates.
furthermore, to quote sandberg, women are not making it to the top of any professions anywhere in the world. only 13% of parlimentarians in the world are women, only 16-19% women hold jobs at the top level in corporates.. even in the non profit world, only 20% top dogs are women.
this seriously annoys me. and not because i am a chauvanistic pig. not because i am a believer of empowering women. and still it annoys me a lot.
i dont believe in empowering women. i believe in treating them for what they are. i have been in serious trouble sometimes, for making women cry. i 've been impulsively blunt and rude. and i have been told i dont know how to talk to a woman.
is this what you want? to plead your case, lobbying for special treatment in lieu of your biological shortcomings? give me a break.
the world i live in, women make fabulous and successful engineers, architects, dentists, doctors,dancers, artists, writers, scientists.. any goddamned field worth dreaming of, theres a lot of womens names that instantly come to mind.
around 50% population in the world is women. simply put, theres just as many women as men. and misery, poverty, disease, crime targets the weak. men suffer in ways that are different than women. doesnt mean men dont suffer.
if nature has given women certain biological shortcomings, like childbearing and probably less muscle power, nature has equipped them with beauty, emotional intelligence, and whatnot.
i have been competing with women in every walk of life.
and i believe, that is true equality. to be feared, competed with, harassed, beaten up, and yet expected to be doing your job.. regardless of your gender.
true equality is when you stop giving a damn about being a woman first.
and if you think you are a feminist, you are in the wrong. true feminism should rather be not giving a damn about being a woman. n not expecting to be treated differently because you are one.


  1. Neat...I agree with your definition of "feminism" absolutely

  2. thats one reason why i like you:)
    its a pity that most women ive met, regardless of their background, prefer to be dealt with diplomatically, and yet advocate equality.. also explains why the blog has a outburst kinda tone to it. :)

  3. You're absolutely right.

    This IS verbal diarrhoea. Umm, what do you have to say about female foeticide, rape, dowry, bride-burning and honor-killings?

    Oh let me guess. You'll tell me, "Woman, stop complaining. Men have it bad too. We die of heart attacks and you don't."

    Please, look around you and really SEE the world from a woman's eyes.

    I'm guessing you're confusing machismo with intellectual honesty. Umm, there's a slight difference between the two.

    You say men suffer too. Really? Men suffer from the equivalent of rape, sexual harrassment and dowry deaths?

    Are male foetuses aborted because of their gender? Do you see girls' families demanding dowry from men?

    If you wish to write anti-women diatribes, then by all means do so. Don't disguise it under the "equality is sameness" arguement.

    That argument is really old, BTW.

  4. @saintly seeta
    you are right. you are SAINTLY SEETA:P
    sweetie, you completely missed the bus.
    let me surprise you.. i read the newspapers too. and after your comment i actually started counting, everday, the number of crimes against women being reported.
    so yes, women in india are being subjected to a lot of "crimes against women" especially the women of low socioeconomic group. but by default, crimes against women cant be commited agaisnt men.
    this article is aimed at women who read blogs.. women empowered with education, money.. women whom i grew up interacting with.
    this is not an anti woman diatribe. i confess, in my life, the most important people have been, and still are, women.
    finally, dont mean to offend you, but your blog seems to have a distinct misandrous tone to it? 'm no shrink, but this much i know.. that if you have such strong feelings against men because of one failed relationship, its time to see the shrink.. because intergender relationships are probably the most enjoyable relationships there are, excluding siblings and kids/parents.
    thanks a lot for stopping by, and giving your opinion such strong words. my opinion of you is the same as your opinion of me, an immature confused person empowered with a decent vocabulary and a keyboard. peace!

  5. very well said Manan
    your indivine vote brought me to your blog and quite refreshing to read this post - interesting view-point :)