Friday, September 11, 2009

the story of a riot.

'll try n not take sides here.
day one. hindu ganpati celebrations make a decoration of shivaji killing afzalkhan. miraj muslims take offence. the whole ganpati mandap was destroyed. the idol of ganpati vandalised.
day two. hindus wreck menace. one masjid was attacked.
day two. muslims strike back. pieces of meat found thrown in ganpati mandir.
day three. hindus piss in a masjid. they destroyed the masjid furniture. curfew imposed.
day four. hindus destroy muslim property includin a orthopedic hospital and a popular non vegrestaurant frequented everyday by both sects. theres few more gross crimes by either sides, but i rather not gossip about em.
day two, three, four - innocent people are lathi charged and badly beaten by the cops, regardless of whether people are travelling to work, or school
everytime the curfew was lifted for an hour, people made a rush for daily commodities.
the bright side of this was, our OPD, which is perennially filled with backaches and knee joint pains was empty for a change, and my daily activities were almost falling in the humane working scale.
a medical professor dies of heart attack, which was provoked when he was beaten up by the cops. patients discharged from our hospital were also abused.
curiously, votebank politics has played a major part, minorities being protected more.
finally, now the situation has come under control. things are cooling down.
around 40% of people around me have a hand to mouth existence, daily wage basis.
i wonder how many of them slept hungry for the last one week.
and i wonder what parts per million people actually feel there is something to be learnt from this.


  1. This issue is highly debatable. Everyone knows whatever all is this about is wrong - including the people part of it.
    Just wondered.. All this happens when people think from their heart and the minds stop working. Its when things are not reasoned..when things which ought not be done are done..when things which are wrong become right/justified.
    This probably is the cause of such a ghastly event happening in mankind even today !

  2. well look how its affected the elections. apparently, congress defended its minority votebank and the hindus were beaten up mercilessly by cops.
    voting took place with a vengeance, n now the ruling party here is BJP but none of them are gonna have any portfolio or anythin of remote significance. congress has neglected local development for terms together, with bjp now in power over here, little will improve. infact, communal situation might worsen if the tide turns.
    besides, check this out:
    the rioteers were dancing on coppers cars