Thursday, April 14, 2011

apples n oranges

april 14th
humor me. lets play god.
why discriminate between donkeys n horses? why not make stables for donkeys, and why cant horses be the beasts of burden.
its about time anyway. for centuries, horses have been groomed and pampered. and poor donkeys have been made to bear the brunt of labour.this has to be changed.
starting tommorow, donkeys shall not be discriminated against. donkeys shall be discriminated FOR. every stable should have spots reserved for donkeys. every race course shall have to accomadate donkeys. and donkeys must be made to run races with the horses. after all, dont donkeys deserve good nutrition.. given the right grooming, a donkey can be just as strong, just as graceful, just as fast, just as efficient.
horses have had ages of pampering. so its not injustice to deprive a few horses a race, the benefit of fair competition.
donkeys outnumber horses. pamper donkeys. this way, more souls get to be happy.. what the hell if that soul embodies a donkey. its all for the common good.
in short, lets make horses out of donkeys. come on, its possible.
and moreover, the right way to abolish being discriminated against.. is to discriminate for.
sounds lame?


  1. Agreed, and could not have said it any better myself

  2. seriously glad to be appreciated :)

  3. Ok, not my type of a read. Just hope Manan comes up with simpler blogs for people like us !!! ;)

  4. @ abhay- i usually dont begin a blog with a date

  5. were u thinking abt us wn u wrote this ;P

  6. april 14th is the day the father of the reservation system was born...:)